Why Us

Why Craters & Freighters of Worcester


Over twenty years ago, Craters & Freighters established its own unique industry by creating a nationwide network of packaging, crating and shipping centers that specialize in large, valuable, fragile and otherwise hard to ship items other shipping companies can't handle. We have dominated the industry since 1990.

Secure Handling

Craters & Freighters uses proven techniques in treating large, valuable, and fragile items such as secure handling, custom cushioning, specialized packaging and professional crating. We wont simply place your item in a box because we understand that some items need special attention during the shipping process.

In-House Packaging

We are not your typical online shipping broker. Craters & Freighters actually has brick and mortar locations. What does this mean to you? We will handle your item(s) from the start of the job until the end of the job. Craters & Freighters will carefully handle your item from the time of pick-up, through the packaging and crating process, and finally through the delivery process. Craters & Freighters physically performs - and insures - its own packaging, relying upon 20 years of proven packaging methods.

Extensive Capabilities

If you have the need for packaging, crating, and shipping, we have a solution. We can package a single piece of artwork or even move an entire corporate data center.

Flexible Service

We realize that not every packaging, crating and shipping job is the same. Your items have unique needs. Craters & Freighters' team of professionals will work with you and your item(s) on the best service solutions. From expedited service or after-hours pickup and delivery to extended services such as storage and uncrating. Give us a challenge, we have a solution!

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